About Us

Hello! We are Surreal Foundry.

Surreal Foundry was founded by designer Vishnu Sathyan.

As designers we all know the magic of a variable font. But it comes with a great price too. We want to change that.

We love creating typefaces, because we are perfectionists and who love curves. We also will release a new variable typeface once in every 90 days.

With Surreal Foundry, we want to introduce a new way to purchase typefaces. A subscription model allows you to download all the existing typefaces in our portal and upcoming ones. Meaning, once subscribed you do not have to pay for the new releases.

We truly hope you enjoy our work!

You can also follow our journey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Dribbble and Behance, this is where we post most of our day to day.

If you have any questions about how all of this works do not hesitate to mail the founder at


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Where to find us

Prestige Atlanta,
80 Feet Rd, Koramangala 1A Block,
Karnataka 560034

+91 99470 74754